Coremo Ocmea

Negative Pneumatic Caliper Brakes

The Coremo D-N type negative pneumatic caliper brake is operated by helical springs which generate a constant clamping force. The braking forces of the three standard models, D1N, D2N and D3N, are 3000 [N], 6800 [N] and 12800 [N] respectively. To release the brake, an air pressure of no more than 6 [bar] is required. Use of this brake is recommended in particular in applications which require greater thermal capacity per unit of surface area. The brake can be installed in any position as it has a lever balancing and lining pad alignment system.
The SG iron caliper is designed to withstand the mechanical and thermal stresses generated in compliance with satisfactory safety coefficients. The lining pads can be adjusted to ensure that the friction surfaces grip the brake disc at all points. Quality controls ensure a reliable, safe product and trouble-free caliper operation. The brake is suitable for applications where emergency, parking, holding or service stops are required.

The ALLTORQ service is completed by reporting which includes calculations, FEM analyses and technical reports (all in English) supplied to the customer to complete the technical documentation of the machine on which the brakes are to be installed. This enables customers to make comments on the design variables and allows the Technical Department to adjust the design to provide the most suitable solution.
Model No: D-N
Type: Brakes
Actuation  Spring
Min Breaking Force (N) 3,000
Max Breaking Force (N) 19,350